Transform Plain Eggs into Cute Chicks & Bunnies for Easter

Are you after a fun Easter decoration idea? Grab a few eggs and transform them into chickens and bunnies with some colorful patterned paper.

What You'll Be Creating

This is a fun craft for Easter and a great project to make with kids. Use our templates to transform plain eggs into adorable chicks and bunnies.


  • White eggs
  • Egg dyeing tablets
  • Vinegar
  • Cups or bowls
  • Soup spoon
  • Marker
  • Origami paper or patterned wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Egg Stand
  • Chicken and bunny template

1. Dye the Eggs

Step 1

Wash and hard-boil your white eggs in salty water. Remove them from the pot and dry.

Place one colour tablet in each cup. I used yellow for the chicken and blue (and green) for the bunny. Add two to three tablespoons of vinegar in each cup. Now, dilute each colour tablet in half a cup (150 ml) of hot water. Mix until the tablet is completely dissolved and the water is coloured.

Step 2

Using a spoon, carefully dip the hard-boiled eggs in the dye. Dip them one by one. Make sure they are fully immersed and covered with the coloured water.

Leave them in the dye for three to five minutes. If you're after an intense colour, leave the eggs in a little longer.

Step 3

Now gently pat the eggs dry with a towel to prevent drops destroying the even colour. Place them carefully on the stand and leave them to dry completely. I am using here the stand from my fridge, but if you want to avoid getting it painted you can also create a  base for your eggs just by cutting the bottom of a paper egg box. You can check step 9 of this tutorial where I have prepared an egg stand using this method.

2. Make the Chicken

Step 1

Choose a sheet of origami paper with a cute yellow pattern. Then print out the template on the back side of the paper. You only need to print the upper part of the template, with all the shapes for the chicken.

Step 2

Use scissors or a precision knife to cut out the first shape of the template (1). This will form the base.

Before cutting the two vertical lines on the sides of the strip, wrap the strip around the egg and check if the length of the strip corresponds to the size of your egg. The measured perimeter of the egg should correspond to the length of the strip from cut to cut and not from edge to edge. You need to measure the perimeter of the egg at its base. Normally, it will be fine as it is, but since eggs vary in size, just check to make sure. If necessary, adjust the size of the strip and the position of the cuts accordingly.

Once the strip of paper with the legs is cut out, place it on your working surface with the white side facing down. Fold the legs upwards along the dotted line and crease well.

Step 3

Bring the two ends of the paper strip together and form a tube. Place one end inside the other through the two lateral cuts.

Add some craft glue underneath the two ends and glue them to the rest of the strip to keep the tube firmly in place.

Step 4

Cut out the wings of the chicken (shapes 2 and 3). Cut along the solid line.

Once the two shapes are cut out, place them on the working surface with the white side facing up.

Fold along the dotted lines and create the two tabs you will use to glue the wings on the egg.

Add some glue on the tab of the first wing.

Place the wing on one side of the egg and glue in place.

Now glue the second wing on the other side of the egg.

Step 5

Cut out shape 4 in the pattern. This will form the tail of the chick.

Once cut, place the tail on the working surface with the yellow side facing down and fold on the dotted line upwards.

Add some glue on the tab and place it on the back side of the egg.

Step 6

Cut out the last piece of the template (5). This piece, as you probably have already guessed, is the beak of the chick.

Carefully fold along the dotted line.

Add a small amount of glue on the tab and carefully centre the beak on the front side of the egg. Hold in place until it is firmly glued.

Step 7

Draw on some cute features for your chick's face. With a thin black marker, draw two semi-circles to create the eyes.

To add a touch of extra cuteness, you can also draw some eyelashes.

Well done. Your chicken is ready! Just place it on the base to make it stand on its feet.

3. Create the Bunny

Step 1

Now that you've created the chicken, the bunny will be even easier to make. This time, choose a blue origami patterned paper. Then, print out the template on the back side of the paper. This time you only need the bottom part of the template with all the bunny shapes.

Step 2

Start by cutting out shape 1, which forms the base of your bunny.

Make sure you measure and adjust the strip to the size of your blue egg. Don't forget to cut the vertical lines on the sides. Now, place the strip on your working surface with the white side facing down and fold the legs upwards.

Step 3

Bring the two ends of the strip together forming a tube, and close the strip by inserting one end into the other end.

Now glue the tabs to form a solid tube.

Step 4

Carefully cut out bunny's ears, which are shapes 2 and 3 on the template.

Fold the two tabs on the bottom of the ears upwards.

Add some glue on the tab of the first ear on the printed side of the paper.

Now glue the first ear on the top of the egg, slightly to the right.

Add the second ear to the top of the egg, slightly to the left.

Step 5

You can't have a bunny without teeth, right? So, cut out shape 4 of the template.

Fold the shape on the dotted line and glue the teeth in the center of the bunny's face. Just make sure that the "correct" side of the paper is the white one and not the patterned one!

Step 6

Using a fine tip marker, add a small triangle nose.

Now, draw on some semi-circle eyes and eyelashes.

Your Easter bunny is ready!

Place the bunny on its legs and repeat the whole process as many times as you like!

Set the Table With Your Eggs

This is a fun, fast and easy idea for Easter decorations. You probably have all the things you need for this project in your cupboards at home!

Now that you've learned how to use a template to transform eggs into bunnies and chicks, you might like to create some animals designs of your own.

What other Easter projects are you making this year? Let us know if you have any questions or comments!