Make Your Own Stylish Geometric Colour-Blocked Necklace

Colour-blocking and geometric prints have been popular in the fashion and design world for some time now. Today, we're going to combine these styles to...

What You'll Be Creating

Colour-blocking and geometric prints have been popular in the fashion world for some time now. And thankfully, it doesn't look like these these trends are going anywhere anytime soon. Today, we're going to combine these styles to create a modern geometric colour-blocked necklace that is sure to become one of your new "go to" accessories. One of the great things about this necklace is that it can work for any season by simply changing the colour or creating different shapes.


  • Small screw eyes.
  • A chain with a closure or clasp. The length of your chain can vary depending on how long you want your necklace to be. My chain is 36 inches, which makes for a really long necklace. However, I used a chain that has somewhat large links so the necklace can be worn long, but it can also be shortened whenever I like.
  • A wooden craft rectangle. This item can also be found in the wood crafting section of your local craft supply store. The rectangle used in this tutorial is 1.5 x 2 inches. Feel free to play around with other shapes as well, like wooden craft circles!
  • A quick drying nail polish. I used Revlon's Top Speed polish in the colour "Hazy".
  • A top coat nail polish. For this particular project, I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails UV top coat.
  • Painter's tape.

1. Place the Tape

I promise, this is going to be an extremely easy tutorial. Need some evidence? The very first step is literally, "Put some tape on your wooden craft rectangle". It doesn't get much easier than that!


You can place your tape anywhere you want to create your own unique necklace. Personally, I'm loving triangles this season, so I broke my rectangle up into two triangles by placing a strip of tape across the rectangle diagonally. You can try making squares, rectangles, or even get extra fancy and create a more complex shape like a hexagon.

The more secure your tape is, the cleaner your line will be when you remove it.

No matter what shape you create, make sure you press down hard on the edges of the tape to remove any bubbles or creases. The more secure and flat your tape is, the cleaner the line will be when you remove it. Speaking of a nice straight line, I can't stress the usefulness of painter's tape if you want a clean line.

2. Start Painting

Grab your favourite quick dry nail polish and start painting the non-taped areas of your wooden rectangle. Don't worry about fully covering each and every spot, this is just a quick first coat.


This is another area in which you can get extra creative! I used a neutral gray that works well for multiple seasons, but it would be great to try some of the colours that are popular this fall such as oxblood, mustard, or deep plum. Or go neon for a bright pop of colour!

It's important to keep in mind that drying time will vary from polish to polish.

After letting the first coat sit and dry for five minutes, I applied my second, and final, layer of coloured polish. However, it's important to keep in mind that drying time will vary from polish to polish. So, just make sure your first coat is completely dry before you apply another coat. You may need more than two coats to fully cover your untaped area.

3. Remove the Tape

Allow your final coloured coat to dry slightly (about two to three minutes) and then quickly peel off the tape. A quick peel is key here, if you move too slowly it's more likely that you will remove some of the polish and create a jagged, rather than smooth, paint line.


Don't allow your last coloured coat to dry completely before you peel off your tape, or the tape will peel away parts of your painted polish when you remove it. On the other hand, if you peel your tape off too soon, your paint will still be watery, and it will start to bleed. For the cleanest, most crisp line, peel your tape off about two to three minutes before you think it will be fully dry.

4. Apply the Top Coat

Once your tape is removed and the coloured polish is completely dry, apply a top coat of polish to the entire rectangle.


Like coloured nail polishes, top coats have a varied drying time depending on brand and product line. I allowed my top coat to dry for about ten minutes before moving on to the next steps, but yours may take more or less time to dry completely.

I personally recommend painting both sides of the rectangle, as it's likely to spin and flip around between both sides while you're wearing it.

After your top coat is finished, you may choose to repeat steps one through four on the other side of your rectangle so that your necklace will be double sided, or you can simply move on to step five and have a single-sided pendant.

5. Twist In the Screw Eye

When you are sure your clear coat is fully dry, it's time to insert the screw eye. You will need to pick up your rectangle and twist the screw into what will be the top of your pendant.


If you're concerned about making sure the screw eye is positioned in the middle of your pendant, feel free to grab a ruler and mark the middle before you start screwing. I chose just to "eyeball" my placement as close to the middle as I could, and it worked out just fine.


6. Add the Chain

Now that your screw eye is where you want it to be, easily finish up by threading the rectangular pendant onto your chain.


You're finished! You see, I told you this would be a simple tutorial. Go ahead and try on your beautiful new necklace!


How Would You Get Creative?

That's that, a quick and simple way to combine two fashion trends and create one modern and sleek necklace.

We know you are all incredibly creative and love to try new things, so we're sure you have lots of ideas for tweaking this necklace design and making it your own! We would love to hear all about your ideas, so feel free to share them, and any other creative thoughts you may have, in the comment section below.