Make Your Own Sparkly Jewelled Hairpins

These jewelled hairpins make a great gift and are really quick and simple to put together.

What You'll Be Creating

These jewelled hairpins make a great gift and are really quick and simple to put together. All supplies can be picked up in your local haberdashery, but you can also use vintage buttons for a completely unique look. I love how they give any hair style a little more pizazz. Happy Making!


  • Plain hairpins ('bobby pins')
  • Jewelled buttons
  • Coloured nail polish
  • Felt
  • Glue gun

1. Paint Your Pins

Firstly slide your hairpins onto a piece of paper, then using your coloured nail polish paint a coat of polish onto the pins - I used darker coloured polish for these to give good coverage. Set aside and leave to dry. I used long hairpins to take the weight of the jewelled button.

2. Remove the Back of Button

Remove the shank from the back of your button using wire cutters. If you are using flat back buttons then you can skip this step.

3. Add the Backing

Cut small squares of felt and glue to the back of your buttons using your glue gun, if you don’t have a glue gun then strong fabric glue will work just as well. This square forms a backing for your clip. I used black felt but fun bright colours would also look really cute.

4. Cut Felt Strips

Cut rectangle shapes from your felt. The length of these strips should be the same width as your button.

5. Thread Your Felt

Thread your rectangles of felt through the top of your hairpin. If you have circular buttons then round the corners of your strips so that the felt doesn’t show on the good side.

6. Glue Your Pins

Using your glue gun, fix the hairpin to the back of the button. Leave to dry and then you are ready to wear.

Wear Your Pins and Sparkle

If you are giving pins as gifts, why not pop them into a pretty box tied up with gorgeous ribbon or, like I have done here, add them to tape-wrapped gift tags. They make really sweet gifts for your nearest and dearest so get going and make a whole batch!

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