Make Your Own Simple Printed Cushion Cover

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make your very own printed cushion cover. It's super-easy, using just three pieces of fabric. So you can whip one up in...

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make your very own printed cushion cover. It's super-easy, using just three pieces of fabric. So you can whip one up in no time. I went for a fresh and feminine floral pattern which contrasted nicely with the bright and bold font. Let's get started.



1. Cut the Fabric

Step 1

Lay your cushion on the top of the fabric you'll be using for the front of your cushion.


Step 2

Trim around the outside of the cushion, leaving one inch of fabric from the edge of the cushion. Do this all the way around your pillow. It looks quite small, but a snug fit makes for a nicely plump cushion.


Step 3

Create two overlapping flaps for the back of your cushion. This is by far the easiest way to make a cushion cover. Lay the fabric you've just cut for the front of the cushion on top of the fabric you'll be using for the back. Line up one corner. Trim off the excess at the bottom, but leave the extra fabric at the side.


Step 4

You should be left with a rectangle of fabric to form the back of the cushion. Cut this in half and you will now have your two back flaps. Put these two pieces to one side.


2. Print Your Design on the Fabric

Step 1

Cut a square of freezer paper big enough for your pillow. Place the shiny side face down with the matt side facing up.


Step 2

Draw your design on the matt side of the paper. Simple designs tend to work best. I've used a catchy phrase.


Step 3

Cut out your design or phrase using a craft knife. Remember that the sections you cut out will be the sections that will eventually appear on your cushion. If you have letters with holes (like R or B), keep the small middle sections after you cut them - you'll need these later.


Step 4

Place your freezer paper shiny side down onto your cushion. Set your iron to a medium setting (settings for silk or wool will work).

Gently press down on the freezer paper with the hot iron. The heat from the iron will make the freezer paper stick to the fabric. Press all the way around your design and in the middle.

If you have any holes from letters make sure to stick these down too. You can peel the freezer paper off at any time and apply again if you make mistakes.


Step 5

Pull out your favourite fabric paint. Remember that only the sections that are not covered by the freezer paper will be painted.

Evenly sponge the paint onto the cushion. Leave to dry following the manufacture's instructions.


Step 6

When the fabric has dried, peel off the freezer paper to reveal your lovely design. Great job!


3. Finish Off Your Cushion

Step 1

Lay the front of your cushion cover face up and right side up.


Step 2

Place one of your two back envelope flaps onto the front of the cover. Position this so the top corners of the back flap are aligned with the top corners of the front cushion cover.

Fold up the bottom edge of the back flap by half an inch. It may help to iron this to keep the flap in place.


Step 3

Place the second back envelope flap on top. Position this so the bottom corners of the back flap are aligned with the bottom corners of the front cushion cover. This last piece of fabric should overlap the back flap you placed in step 2.

Fold the top edge of the back flap back by half an inch. It may help to iron this to keep the flap in place.


Step 4

Sew all the way around your cushion, leaving a one inch seam allowance.


Step 5

Trim the corners of your cushion. This helps make the corners turn out better and gives you a neater finish.

Turn the pillow back around. You should now have a nice neat cushion with a flap at the back to insert your cushion. If you want a really professional look, give the cushion a really good iron.


Insert Your Cushion and Enjoy!

And that's it! This is an easy tutorial for making a very simple cushion, using envelope flaps for closure. Sure, there are a few steps but it should only take around an hour to make (plus about 30 minutes drying time).

I'm tempted to try this with a 'beachy' phrase on some canvas ticking for a fresh nautical look. What do you think? I may have a new cushion cover addiction.


Will you be making this project? Do you think you'll use a floral fabric? Let us know how you go in the comments section below, and feel free to ask any questions.