Make Your Own Faux Leather Pouch With Tassels

It's no secret that I'm a fan of bags. And since tassels are incredibly hot right now, I thought I would combine the two! This fun little pouch is very easy...

It's no secret that I'm a fan of bags. And since tassels are incredibly hot right now, I thought I would combine the two! This fun little pouch is very easy to make. All you need is a few hours - and some basic machine sewing skills - to make one of these little designer-look beauties of your very own.



1. Make the Pouch

Step 1

Cut two pieces of faux leather into a square measuring 50cm x 50cm.

Line up the two pieces of faux leather, placing the 'right sides' of together.


Step 2

Using leather needles in your sewing machine, sew along three sides of your leather squares using a 1cm seam allowance.

Trim the excess seam to 0.5cm.

Trim the corners off at an angle.


Step 3

On the fourth side of the square (the side you didn't sew), place the zipper along the edge and mark where the zipper teeth start and end.

Sew from the edge to one of those marked points, using a 1cm seam allowance.

Repeat on the other side of the zipper.


2. Add the Zipper

Step 1

Place the zipper face down so the zipper teeth face away from you.

Make sure the edges of the zipper tape line up with the edge of the pouch.

Baste the zipper in place.

Move the zipper so that that zipper pull is all the way down the zipper (and out of the way of the sewing foot).


Step 2

Sew the zipper in place, starting from the top and sewing as close to the zipper teeth as you can.

Stop when you get just above the zipper pull.


Step 3

Leave the needle so that it stops in the fabric (to hold the fabric in place).

Pull up the foot so it's no longer holding down the fabric.


Step 4

Move the zipper pull to the top of the zipper.

Put the foot down and continue sewing to the end of the zipper tape.

Repeat steps two to four for the other end of the zipper.


Step 5

Turn your pouch right-side out.


3. Add the Snap Fastener

Place the pouch in front of you with the zipper end of the pouch at the top. Taking the zipper edge of the pouch, fold down 14cm towards the bottom of the pouch.

Unfold the pouch. Place one part of the snap face down on the pouch 8cm from the bottom edge. Hand sew the snap in place.

Now place the other part of the snap face down on the pouch 6cm from the top edge. Hand sew the snap in place.


4. Make the Tassel

Step 1

Cut a rectangle of leather in a complementary or contrasting color measuring 7cm x 15cm.

Use a ruler to draw a top line across the long edge of the rectangle, 1cm from the top. From this top line, draw a set of perpendicular lines that are spaced 0.5cm apart.


Step 2

Cut along these lines to create a fringe.


Step 3

Cut a thin strip of leather measuring 0.5cm x 7cm. Use this to create a loop. Place the loop at one end of the tassel.

Add super glue along the 1cm line you left above the fringe.Roll up the tassel with the loop inside.

Leave to dry.


Step 4

Thread a small piece of string through both loops and attach to the zipper.


Take Your Leather Pouch Out

Congratulations, you've made your very own faux-leather pouch. Well done!

In this tutorial you learned how to sew a glamorous pouch with zipper and snap closures. You also learned how to make a cute tassel accessory. You can use these skills to make all sorts of bags, clutches and cosmetics bags.


How did you go making your tassel pouch? Let us know if you have any questions in the the comments space below. We'd love to hear from you.