Make Place Cards With a Metallic Marbelized Effect

Use gold and copper spray paint to create enchanting place cards with a gorgeous metallic marbelized effect. Perfect for a wedding or any other special...

What You'll Be Creating

Use gold and copper spray paint to create enchanting place cards with a metallic marbelized effect. Perfect for weddings and parties!


  • Black calligraphy pen
  • Metallic spray paint in copper and gold
  • Round nose pliers
  • Copper or gold-coloured paper clips
  • White card stock
  • Round paper hole puncher - I used one with a diameter of 8cm (3.1in)
  • Plastic container with water
  • Safety mask

1. Make the Paper Clip Stand

Step 1

Use the nose pliers to bend the outer side out of the paper clip.

Step 2

Take the inner part of the paper clip and bend it up.

Step 3

Bend an angle on the loop end and create an angle on the other end.

Here's a visual recap on how to bend the paper clip into position.

2. Make the Place Cards

Step 1

You can cut out the place cards, but it's much easier to use a round paper punch. 

Punch out the required number of place cards from white card stock.

Step 2

Go outside and spray the copper paint in to the plastic container with water. It will settle on top of the water. You might like to wear a safety mask at this stage.

Step 3

Now spray the gold colour on top of the copper paint in the water.

Once you've added the spray paint to the water, you need to move quickly through the following steps.

Step 4

Swirl a card face-down on the surface of the painted water and lay flat to dry. Repeat this step with the rest of the cards and add more paint when necessary.

Step 5

Once dry, it's a good idea to press the cards between a few heavy books so the sides don't curl up.

Step 6

Write your guests' names on the cards with a calligraphy pen or hire a professional calligrapher.

Step 7

Now all you need to do is place the cards on the paper clip stand.

Your Place Cards Are Ready

Now use the same technique to make your wedding favor tags, escort cards and thank-you cards for a gorgeous metallic marbelized wedding theme.

Copper and gold make a gorgeous on-trend combination, and these metallics work beautifully with blush pink, dusky blue, mint green and bridal white.

Are you planning your wedding? What other things are you making for your big day? We'd love to hear from you!