Make Paper Lantern Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

If you're after something a little bit different for your tree this year, why not try creating your own Christmas village scene lanterns. This simple and...

If you're after something a little bit different for your tree this year, why not try creating your own Christmas village scene lanterns. This simple and unique tutorial will show you how to craft this special decoration for your tree.


  • Cream card.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scalpel.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Pencil.
  • Hole punch.

Step 1: Measure the Height of Your Fairy Lights

Place the length of a single fairy light against a ruler and take the measurement. This will be the minimum height measurement of your buildings.

Step 2: Create the Front of Your House

Using your height measurement, sketch out the outline of a simple house, taking note that the house needs to be taller than your measurement. The sketch can be roughly drawn as this will not be seen at the end.

Include roof detail, some windows and a door in your sketch.

Take the measurement of the width and the height of the house. Draw two squares next to the drawn house without the roof. Draw one final side of your house including the roof.

Step 3: Draw the Tabs in Place

Add a tab to one of the ends of your template.

Draw another box below the detailed side. Include another tab at the bottom of this too,

Step 4: Cut out the Details

Sketch a small cross in the floor of the box below the detailed house side.

Carefully scalpel out the windows, door and roof detail.

Cut out around the template.

Using a hole punch, punch out a hole where you have drawn your cross.

Step 5: Stick the Lantern Together

Fold carefully along each of the lines drawn on the other side of the sketch.

Using your glue gun, glue the tab attached to the main house section.

Tuck the bottom tab in.

Step 6: Create the roof of your house

Fold in half a piece of cream card just larger than the bottom of your house.

Glue the inside of the card and hold in place whilst it dries. Remember to leave a ledge over both the front and back of the house.

Once dry, cut off excess card leaving a nice ledge over the top of the house.

Your house should now look like this:

Step 7: Make the Chimney

To create the chimney, simply cut out a small rectangle from your cream card and use your finger tips to roll into a cylinder.

Glue the curled end in to itself. Once dry, cut the excess paper off so that you are left with your cylinder like this:

Cut the bottom off at a diagonal.

Glue the bottom of the cylinder where you have just cut the diagonal. Hold this into place on the roof and wait until it has dried.

Step 8: Place the House Lantern Over a Fairy Light

Step 9: Create the Church Template

The Church template differs from the house template by only having one side with detail on it.

Fold the four sides in the same way as you did with the house.

Glue a square piece of separate cream card and place as the roof on top of the church. Make sure to line up one side with the steeple.

This time you do not want any overhang on the roof.

Trim all the remaining edges so that there isn't any overhang.

Step 10: Create Additional Buildings

Now you've got this basic template, the possibilities are fairly endless. Changing details such as the roof and the height of the building will add even more interest to your skyline. Once you've popped a house on each of your fairy lights, it's ready to hang on your Christmas tree. Alternatively, you could use it as a garland running across a mantle. Enjoy the warm glow of your little village lanterns!