Make Hanging Flower Hoop Decorations for Your Wedding

Transform inexpensive wooden embroidery hoops into enchanting hanging flower decorations for your wedding or special event. Anyone can make this gorgeous...

What You'll Be Creating

Transform inexpensive wooden embroidery hoops into enchanting hanging flower decorations for your wedding or special event. Anyone can make this gorgeous combination of flowers and pearls with a contemporary flair. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create two different looks using hoops, pearls and fresh flowers. 


  • Embroidery hoops
  • Faux pearl garland
  • Ribbon in complementary colours
  • Thin jewellery wire
  • White spray paint
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Fresh flowers and foliage (keep your wedding flowers consistent by using blooms and colours that match or complement your bridal and/or bridal party's bouquets)

Look 1: Pearly Hoop

1. Prepare the Hoop

Take the embroidery hoop outside and cover it with white spray paint on both sides. You may like to wear a protective face mask for this step and cover any surfaces you don't want painted. 

2. Add the Pearls

Step 1

Using a hot glue gun, apply a blob of glue to the outside edge of the painted hoop. 

Step 2

Secure the pearl garland on the glue and wrap the pearls around the hoop. Now apply another blob of glue with your hot glue gun and wrap again. Work your way around the hoop following this process until it is covered.

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the hoop is completely covered.

3. Attach the Flowers

Gather the flowers in a pretty arrangement and wrap the thin jewellery wire around the stems, underneath the flower heads. Attach the flowers on to the hoop with the wire and you're done.

The Result: Pearl-fection!

The final result is bridal pearl-fection with flowers.

Look 2: Single Flower Hoop 


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Jewellery wire and needle (I used 15cm wire for the flower and the hoop. You will need to measure how much you need for the hanging wire, depending on the ceiling height and how high/low you want the piece to hang)
  • Pearl beads
  • Scissors
  • A single flower - roses are perfect for this project, but you could use anything in your wedding theme

1. Attach the Flower

Step 1

First, trim the stem on your flower to around 5cm long. Thread the needle with the wire and insert the needle through the top centre of the flower, pushing it all the way through the flower and exiting at the base of the bloom.

Step 2

Wrap the rest of the wire around the stem.

Step 3

Tie the other end of the wire around the top of the embroidery hoop, so that the flower hangs just below the hoop.

2. Add the Pearls

Thread the wire at the top of the hoop with pearl beads and you're done.

The Result: Minimalist Floating Flower 

The final result should look like the single bloom is floating within the hoop.

Decorate Your Wedding Venue

In this tutorial, you learned two different styles of dressing embroidery hoops with pearls and fresh flowers.

Pearls are elegant and timeless –and they make a beautiful addition to any wedding theme, whether vintage, modern or classic. With small effort (and little expense) you'll make a big and stylish impression with these simple hanging decorations.

Grouping a number of hoops together would look gorgeous as a photo backdrop, or you could hang these lovelies above the gift table or dance floor. 

I hope this tutorial has inspired you! How would you decorate your wedding with pearls? We would really love to hear your ideas.