Make Copper and Pearl Earrings for Valentine’s Day

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a darling pair of heart-shaped copper earrings with pearls. The copper brings classic pearls bang up to date,...

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a darling pair of heart-shaped copper earrings with pearls. The copper brings classic pearls bang up to date, and you can wear the earrings for Valentine's Day, and beyond.


  • Two pieces of 20 gauge copper wire, 10cm (4in) long
  • Pearl beads in three different sizes
  • Flat earring studs and scroll backs
  • Jewellery 3-in-1 pliers
  • Jewellery-making glue

1. Make the Pearl Stud Earring

Dab a little jewellery glue on the back of your pearl bead and press the bead onto the earring stud.



2. Bend the Wire

Using the pliers, grasp the wire at around 6.5cm from one end, and gently bend the wire either side of the pliers, so that you end up with a 'v' shape. One side should be longer than the other.


3. Make the Back Side of the Earring

Step 1

Slide the wire through the scroll back.


Step 2

Slide a pearl onto the wire.


4. Shape the Hearts

Step 1

Use your pliers to bend the curves of the heart.



Step 2

Bend a 90 degree angle between the heart and the rest of the wire.


Step 3

Slide a pearl on the other wire end.

Repeat steps one to three to make the second wire heart.


5. Make the Second Earring

Now, follow the steps again to make the second earring to match.


You're Done!

You've now created the perfect heart-themed jewellery in gorgeous copper. Why not make some more earrings and gift them to your friends?


Do you love the combination of copper and pearls? Have you already made a heart-shaped project for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments section below, and have a happy Valentine's Day!