Make a Wooden Word Cake Topper

Make your own handmade personalized wooden cake topper. This project is sure to be perfect for any special event!

What You'll Be Creating

Looking for a stylish and unique way to top a special cake? This cake topper can be modified for most any event. Just decide on the perfect word or words to top your cake, pick out your favorite script font, and you are ready to make a personalized topper for the big day!


  • a piece of thin lumber that is big enough to accommodate the word design
  • paper
  • pencil
  • scrollsaw
  • sanding paper
  • thin dowel rod or kabob skewer—untreated
  • clear packing tape
  • nontoxic glue
  • drill with drill bits if the word has an inner part ("counter") that needs to be cut away

Since the wood used in this project will be coming into contact with food items, it is important to use non-toxic materials. Make sure that the wood is non-treated and glue is non-toxic. Kabob skewers make wonderful anchors because they are thin, strong, and food safe.

1. Designing the Topper

Step 1 

The first step in making your wooden word cake topper is to find a font that works well for the project. There are numerous free fonts available on the Internet that are perfect for this project. When choosing a font, keep in mind that all the letters will need to be connected for the final product, and that letters shouldn't be too thin because that can lead to a topper that is too fragile.

Once you have found a suitable font, print out the word at the correct size.


Step 2

Now, working with your printed word, revise any portions of the lettering that might be problematic. I've extended the lower portion of the "L" to touch the "o", and thickened the upper portion of the "L" to balance out the letter and allow for a slightly larger cutout in the top loop.


Step 3

Place the pattern on your board. Make sure that the area that will become the topper is free of any knots or cracks. Carefully trim the inner areas of a few letters if possible. These areas will help keep the pattern adhered to the wood as the perimeter of the word is being cut.


Step 4

Using clear packing tape, secure the pattern in place. Make sure to tape an area larger than the pattern and the areas that were previously cut out from the inner part of the letters. This tape will not only secure the pattern but will also lubricate the scrollsaw blade, allowing for a crisper cut.


2. Cutting and Mounting the Topper

Step 1

Using your scrollsaw, carefully cut around the outside of the word. It is best to do this at a slow speed, since the thin precise lines are not very forgiving of mistakes. 

Also, trace around the letter loops that were cut out of the pattern once you've cut the outside. Carefully drill a small hole in each of those loops.


Step 2

Thread the scrollsaw blade through each drilled hole. Using the traced lines as a guide, cut the inner waste portions of the loops out. Sand any rough edges.


Step 3

On the back side of the of the word, mark where the anchor will be placed. Keep in mind that the area should be near the center of the word and be large enough to allow for gluing the anchor in place. The far side of the "o" is a perfect position to place this anchor.


Step 4

Apply non-toxic glue to the marked area and place the top of the anchor in the glue. Allow the glue to completely dry before using. 


Leaving the anchor longer than needed allows it to be custom cut to the length needed when the cake is ready to be topped. The anchor can be easily trimmed to the correct size with nippers or sharp kitchen scissors.


Let Them Eat Cake!


Now you are ready to celebrate a special occasion with your beautiful, personalized, handmade cake topper! Show off your woodworking and baking skills all at the same time.