Make a Stunning Braided Cuff Bracelet With Hama Beads

Make a beautiful cuff bangle with memory wire and Hama beads for under $10.

What You'll Be Creating

Make this lovely braided cuff bangle for under $10 and in about an hour. Using inexpensive memory wire and Hama beads, it's easy and fun to make a stack of cuffs to match your new season's wardrobe.


  • Hama (Perler) beads in three complementary colours (I used gold, peach and grey)
  • Memory wire for bangles
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

1. Cut the Memory Wire

Step 1

Using the wire cutters, cut the second wire loop in line with the end of the wire, as indicated. This will give you a wire circle. Repeat until you have 10 circles cut.

Step 2

Cut one of the circles in half.

2. Finish Off the Ends

Step 1

Using the needle nose pliers, bend one end of the circle inwards to form a loop. Make sure that the end of the wire bends right around to touch the circle so the loop is closed.

Step 2

Repeat on one open end of each circle and on one end of each semi circle.

3. Thread the Beads

Thread Hama beads onto each circle, leaving about one centimetre (3/8 in) of wire without beads.

4. Close the Ends

Close all the ends of the circles with the needle nose pliers. Make sure you bend the wire in towards the centre of the circle when forming the loops.

5. Join the Circles

Step 1

Take one of the semi circles and thread three gold beaded circles, then three grey and finally three peach circles onto it.

Step 2

Trim off the semi circle so there is about one centimetre ( 3/8 inch) of wire extending beyond the threaded circles.

Step 3

Close all the end of the semi circle with the needle nose pliers, making sure you bend the loop in the same direction as the loop on the opposite end.

6. Braid the Cuff

Step 1

Take the three peach circles and keeping them parallel to each other, pass them over the three grey circles.

Step 2

Next, pass the three gold circles over the peach ones. Continue to braid with the grey, then peach and finally the gold.

7. Finish the End 

Take the remaining semi circle and pass the end through the ends of the three peach circles, the gold, then the grey. Trim and finish off the semi circle in the same way as in point 5, steps 1 to 3.

Show Off Your Cuff Bracelet

Now you know how to thread Hama beads on to memory wire, you can experiment with other accessories, such as earrings, rings and necklaces. 

This is a great project to instantly and inexpensively update your wardrobe. A stack of bracelets would also make a lovely gift for friends and family.

Do you like making your own jewellery? Have you used Hama beads to make stylish accessories before? We'd love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think.