Make a Pretty Fabric-Covered Bead Teething Necklace

This is a practical and pretty project - and a great present for new mums. Made with non-toxic materials, it doubles as a gorgeous accessory as well as a...

This is a practical and pretty project - and a great present for new mums. Made with non-toxic materials, it doubles as a gorgeous accessory as well as a handy teether for babies. I made this necklace for a friend and her baby, and you can learn how to make it too - just after the jump.


  • 7 chunky wooden beads (about 3.5cm or 1.5 in. each).
  • 1.5 metres of fabric in the print of your choice (you might like to use organic cotton).
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine.
  • Scissors.

Step 1: Cut Fabric Into One Strip


Start by cutting your fabric into one strip 10cm (4 in.) wide and 1.5 metres (59 in.) long. Choose a cotton fabric with a colourful print or pattern that will not only look nice, but also get baby's attention.

Step 2: Fold Fabric in Half


Fold the strip of fabric in half length-ways. The 'good' side of the fabric should be facing inwards .

Step 3: Sew a Seam


Now all you need to do is basically turn the strip of fabric into one long tube. You can do this by making a seam along the long side of your fabric strip. If you plan to sew by hand, it would be best to sew using back-stitch. Of course, you could save some time and use a sewing machine instead.

Take care not to sew the two short sides of the tube - leave them open for now.

Step 4: Turn the Fabric Τube Inside Out


Turn the tube inside out. Use one hand to hold one end and pull out the tube with the other hand.

Step 5: Knot One End


At this point, you should have a tube of fabric 1.5 metres long, with the correct side of the fabric facing outwards and the seam hidden inside.

Now leave about 35cm (13 in.) from one end of the tube and make a firm knot.

Step 6: Slip a Bead in the Tube


Open the longer end of your tube and slip the first bead inside it. Push the bead through until it reaches the knot.

Step 7: Knot


Once the bead is as close as possible to the first knot, make another firm knot after it to keep it in place.

Step 8: Repeat


Continue adding all the beads inside the fabric tube and knotting. If your beads are a bit flat like mine, make sure they are all oriented the same way before securing their position with a knot.

Step 9: Place One End Inside the Other

Once all seven beads have been knotted inside the tube, check that the two remaining ends of fabric are of equal length. Try it on and figure out the desired length. If you want to make it a bit shorter, cut the ends of the fabric accordingly. However, before doing so, allow for enough extra fabric on either side that can be sewn - and ensure that the necklace will be big enough to easily fit over your head.


Once you've decided on the length of the necklace, take one end and fold a small length of fabric inwards.


Then, insert the other raw end of the necklace inside it.

Step 10: Close


Straighten the two ends and make sure they are well aligned before sewing it together, using the back-stitch. Use thread in a colour that complements your fabric, as this seam will be visible. When you've closed the seam, secure with a knot and cut the thread.

Alternatively, you could finish the necklace by cutting each end of the necklace in to three equal strips and creating braids which could be sewn together. Or you could always sew a piece of ribbon to each end and tie it in a bow.


Now your adorable necklace is ready to wear - and bite!

N.B. Please do not leave babies unattended with this item. Inspect your necklace prior to each use to ensure it remains intact and baby-safe.

Did you try making your own teething necklace? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.