How to Make Easter Bunny Softies From Socks

Skip the chocolate this Easter and make super-cute Easter bunny soft toys from socks. They make adorable gifts for children and are easy and fun to make.

What You'll Be Creating

Instead of giving chocolate this Easter, get crafty and make these adorable rabbits from little socks. Soft toys made from socks are fairly quick to make and don't require a lot of sewing. What are you waiting for? Hop to it.


  • New newborn or baby cotton socks (You'll need one sock per rabbit.)
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Black embroidery floss (thread)
  • A soft pink marker
  • Pom-poms, ribbons or other embellishments
  • Toy stuffing

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1. Make the Ears

Step 1

Turn the sock inside-out and lay it flat with the heel facing you.

Step 2

Cut down the centre of the sock, starting at the toe and finishing just before the heel. Then cut a triangle out of the top of the toe by making two diagonal cuts out from the centre line.

Step 3

Starting at the top point of the right hand ear, sew down the inside of the ear and back up the inside of the left ear, finishing at the top. Use small firm stitches, and sew a few double stitches where the two ears meet near the heel of the sock.

Step 4

Turn the sock out the right way and press the ear seams flat between your fingers.

2. Stuff the Rabbit

Step 1

Using small pieces of stuffing, (about a half a handful at a time) stuff the body, but not the ears. Keep adding stuffing and mould the body into an oval shape. The ears should be at the back of the head, and the heal of the sock filled out to make the rabbit's face. Make sure the sock is firmly stuffed, stopping before the body becomes too elongated.

Step 2

Trim off the excess sock. The sock needs to stretch around the stuffing so cut it a little shorter than you think... but not too short!

3. Sew the Opening Closed

Step 1

Sew across the middle of the opening, bringing the two opposite sides together with a single stitch. Repeat this stitch a number of times to make sure it's firm.

Step 2

Now sew across the opening to bring the other two sides together in the same way.

Step 3

Fold in the raw edges and stitch through the folds to close the holes.

Step 4

Finish with a double stitch then pass the needle through the body and out again. Pull the thread tight and trim it off close to the body. The end will disappear within the body.

4. Arrange the Ears

Step 1

Starting on one side, sew a row of running stitch across the base of one ear. Make sure the stitches go through both the front and back of the ear. Pull the thread to gather up the base of the ear. Join the ears together with a few stitches where they meet in the centre. Then sew across the base of the second ear.

Step 2

Pull the thread tight to gather the ear in and wrap the thread around both ears to gather them together. Finish off with a double stitch and pull the needle through the body as you did previously before cutting it.

Step 3

Stretch the centre of each ear out to the sides, to emphasize the shape. Keep the tips pointy.

5. Embroider the Face

Step 1

Thread the needle with black embroidery floss and tie a knot in the end. Insert the needle at the base of an ear, bringing it out in position to embroider the first eye.

Step 2

Stitch the first eye then pass the needle through the face, bringing it out in position to stitch the second eye. Now pass the needle through the face, exiting in position to stitch the mouth.

Finish by taking the needle back up to the ear, tie a knot and trim the ends off close to the head.

6. Draw on Cheeks

Draw circles on your bunny's face with a soft pink marker to give her rosy cheeks.

7. Add a Tail

Sew a pom-pom on the bottom for a fluffy tail.

8. Embellish Your Bunny

Sew on ribbons, bows or pom-poms to give your Easter bunny more cute character and cover the threads at the base of the ear.

9. Shape the Body

Massage the stuffing around to give final shape to the body. Your rabbit should be rounded, and wider at the bottom.

Give a Special Handmade Gift this Easter

In this tutorial,  I've shown you how to sew an easy soft toy Easter bunny from a humble sock.

How could you not love the gift of a super adorable little bunny? From the reactions of the children I've shown, these bunnies are sure to be a big hit. And great for the parents too - less sugar rushes and dentist visits! Easter can be handmade too. Do you think you'll give it a try?