How to Make a Wooden Air Plant Holder

Looking to add a bit of low maintenance greenery to your home? This geometric air plant holder is an on-trend way to bring the outdoors in.

What You'll Be Creating
Not all house plants need lots of care and sun light. This color-blocked wooden air plant holder will allow you to grown lovely greenery with no soil and very minimal care. Anyone can show off their green thumb (and craft skills) with this project!


  • Lumber, 10cm (4in) x 10cm (4in) at least 15cm (6in) long
  • Pencil
  • Miter saw
  • 3cm (1.2in) Forstner bit
  • Painter's tape or masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Pattern
  • Acrylic paint in color of your choice
  • Air plant
  • Safety glasses

1. Make the Wooden Block

Step 1

Work out the desired height of your planter and mark with pencil. Cut using a miter saw. You might like to experiment by holding the plant next to the timber and working out what height looks best.

Step 2

Now mark the center of the top of the wooden block you just cut with a straight edge. This is the spot where you will drill the hole for the air plant.

Step 3

Pop on a pair of safety glasses. Using a Forstner bit, carefully drill a hole approximately 2.5cm (1in) to 3.73cm (1.5in) deep.

Step 4

Next, sand all the edges, faces, and corners of your project. Don't forget to sand around the hole you just drilled.

2. Paint the Block

Step 1

Decide on where your paint line will be and mark the point lightly with pencil on all four corners of the block. Use a ruler to ensure your measurements line up.

Step 2

Using the lines that you just plotted, tape off all four sides of the block with painter's tape or masking tape. This taped line will help keep your painted line nice and crisp.

Step 3

Carefully paint the block, including the bottom side below the taped line. Once the paint has completely dried, carefully remove the tape and add your favorite air plant! 

Pop In Your Air Plant

In this tutorial, you learnt all the skills necessary to make a color-blocked wooden air plant holder, including how to mark and cut lumber, drill holes with a Forstner bit, plot drill points, and mask off ares to create blocks of painted color.

Using this skills, you can create a beautiful collection of air plant holders in various heights and colors.

Now all you need to do is pop your air plant in the hole your drilled and display your new planter.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you might like to look at our other woodworking tutorials. Tell me, how did you go with making your planter? What are you favorite air plants?