How to Make a Spooky Pumpkin Piñata for Halloween

Halloween is one of my most favourite holidays! It brings back memories from childhood of handmade costumes, trick-or-treating in my local neighborhood, and...

Halloween is one of my most favourite holidays! It brings back memories from childhood of handmade costumes, trick-or-treating in my local neighborhood, and carving pumpkins for the front porch. This Halloween-themed piñata uses a paper lantern for the base shape, which saves time and hassle (no messy paper mache balloon moulding!) and means it's easy enough for the whole family to get involved - even the little ones.


  • Small paper lantern
  • Green paper
  • Black card
  • Orange crepe paper
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double-sided tape
  • Candy, sweets and confetti for filling

1. Build the Piñata

Open up the lantern. Find a cup, small bowl or other round shape that is similar to the bottom opening of the lantern. We used the inside hole of the double-sided tape. Using this as a template, cut out a circle from black card.


2. Seal the Bottom of the Piñata

Using the hot glue gun, affix the black card circle to the bottom opening of the lantern. Your candy and sweets will weigh on this, so you want to make sure that all the edges are pressed down securely when you glue.


3. Cut the Fringe

With the crepe paper still folded from its packet, cut out 3cm segments. Find the middle folded edges of each segment and cut a line up each side, leaving 1cm uncut (as in, don't cut all the way through). With the scissors still inserted into this middle section, make thin 0.5cm cuts all the way around until you have a segment of fringe. Gently unwrap the fringe from the segment until you have one long strip.


4. Affix Tape to the Fringe

Affix a long strip (approximately 40cm) of double-sided tape to the top uncut edge of the fringe. Working in sections like this makes it easier to manage.


5. Cover the Piñata

Starting at the bottom, stick fringe all the way around the black card circle, gathering it slightly as you stick to follow the curve of the lantern. Use the metal rings inside the lantern as a guide when you are sticking. After your first layer has been stuck down, stick another layer on top, using the metal rings as a guide again. Continue this process until you have reached the top opening of the lantern. Trim any excess fringe.


6. Cut Out the Face Components

Draw some spooky eyes and an evil grimace onto black card and cut out. Dab hot glue onto the back of each facial feature and stick them onto the front of your piñata.


7. Create Some Curly Leaves

Cut strips of green paper in an assortment of thicknesses. Use a pair of scissors to curl the strips, much like if you were curling gift-wrapping ribbon.


8. Add the Finishing Touches

Step 1

Dab hot glue onto the uncurled ends of each strip and stick them to the inside front rim of the piñata, at the top. Affix a piece of twine or string to the metal rings at the top of the lantern for hanging.

Step 2

Fill your piñata with lightweight candy, confetti, Halloween-themed sequins, or other creepy trinkets. When it comes time to smash it, aim for the bottom of the pinata so the base breaks open and all the spooky goodies spill out!


Smash It!

This pinata would be perfect as a loot bag for a trick-or-treating adventure as it can be stuffed full of goodies and smashed open at a later date. Or, you could make a whole bunch of piñatas and hang them from tree branches in the front yard, inviting the kids and their friends to come and bash them open on the big day.


What's your favourite Halloween memory? Share your stories in our comments section, and happy Halloween!

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