How to Make a Kawaii Yeti Monster Plush Softie

Aren't yeti monsters so awesome? Over on Vectortuts, you can learn how to make the vector illustration of a cute yeti monster. Now in this tutorial, you'll...

Aren't yeti monsters so awesome? Over on Vectortuts, you can learn how to make the vector illustration of a cute yeti monster. Now in this tutorial, you'll learn how to turn the illustration into a real life 3D softie. When finished, it will be around 25cm (10 inches) tall. It makes a great gift for kids or any monster lover. Let's get started!


  • Yeti pattern - download it here.
  • 31 cm (1/3 yard) of white fleece.
  • 11 cm (1/8 yard) of yellow fleece.
  • 1 sheet brown felt.
  • 1 sheet turquoise or light blue felt.
  • 1 sheet fuchsia felt.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Scissors.
  • 1 needle.
  • Pins.
  • Thread in white, brown, blue and pink.
  • Pen/marker.
  • Polyfill Stuffing.
  • Card stock (optional).

1. Print and Cut Pattern

Step 1

Download and print out the pattern. If you have card stock on hand, print on that. It will make tracing the pieces easier. If you don't have card stock, regular paper will do.


Step 2

Carefully cut out the pattern pieces directly on the line.


2. Trace Pattern onto Fabric

Step 1

Get the brown, blue, and fuchsia felt sheets. Using a pen, trace the eyes, mouth, and belly button onto the brown felt. Trace the cheeks and tongue onto the fuchsia felt. Then, trace the face and belly onto the blue felt. Make sure you double the eyes and cheeks.


Step 2

Get the white and yellow fleece. Make sure the fleece is folded with the wrong side out, so you have two layers of fabric. Trace the body and arms on the white fleece. Trace the horns on the yellow fleece. Double the arms and horns.


3. Cut the Fabric Pieces

Step 1

Carefully cut out the felt pieces directly on the line and turn them over.


Step 2

Cut out the fleece pieces, but make sure to leave a half inch seam allowance.


4. Sew the Mouth

Step 1

Grab the brown mouth piece and pink tongue. Using the pink thread, sew the tongue onto the brown back piece with a whip stitch. Then set it aside.


5. Make the Face

Step 1

Get the blue face shape and brown eyes. Place the eyes onto the face like so:


Step 2

Using the brown thread and a whip stitch, sew both eyes onto the blue face.


Step 3

Place the mouth between the eyes and sew it on using the same whip stitch and brown thread.


Step 4

Place the fuchsia cheeks under the eyes. Sew them on using pink thread and the same stitch.


6. Sew the Belly Mark

Step 1

Grab the blue belly and brown belly button. Position it in the bottom half of the belly.


Step 2

Using the brown thread, sew the belly button onto the belly by making two long stitches that cross over each other.


7. Make the Face Guide

Step 1

Grab the body pattern piece and cut out the face shape a little outside the line. You now have the face guide.


8. Position and Cut the Hair

Step 1

Get the white fleece body. Take the traced side only.


Step 2

Turn it over to the right side and center the body pattern onto it.


Step 3

Place the face in the guide.


Step 4

Remove the guide leaving the face on the body. Then position the hair pattern piece on top of the face like so:


Step 5

Holding the hair piece in place, carefully remove the face from underneath. You are left with just the hair piece on the body.


Step 6

Now that the hair is correctly placed, trace the bottom of the pattern onto the fabric.


Step 7

Cut slightly above the line so the pen won't be visible later. The hair of the yeti is now cut.


9. Position the Face onto the Body

Step 1

Grab the body pattern again and center it on the body.


Step 2

Place the face in the guide and remove the guide. Pin the face in place.


10. Sew the Hair

Step 1

Place the cut hair piece over the face.


Step 2

Using a blanket stitch and brown thread, sew the hair piece on the body and face. The brown blanket stitch will define the hairline. Be sure to stitch the cut hair back to the body. There should be no openings left.


11. Sew the Face

Step 1

With the hair sewn in place, sew the face onto the body using a whip stitch and blue thread.


12. Sew the Belly

Step 1

Place the belly below the face and pin to the body.


Step 2

Using a whip stitch, sew it to the body with blue thread. The monster is starting to come along now!


13. Make the Horns

Step 1

Pin the yellow horns. You only need one pin for each.


Step 2

With the sewing machine, sew the horns directly on the line. Leave an opening at the bottom for stuffing.


Step 3

Trim the excess seam allowance on the sides leaving about 1/8 inch left.


Step 4

Turn the horns inside out and lightly stuff with the poly fill.


14. Position the Horns

Step 1

Grab the back side of the body and place it right side up. Take the two horns and turn them upside down. Position them at the top of the body as shown below. The edges of the horns should line up with the top edge of the body. There should be about 2.5 inch of space between them.


15. Pin the Body

Step 1

Take the front side of the body facing down and place over the back. Line up the sides and pin. The horns are sandwiched between the two sides.


16. Sew the Body

Step 1

With the sewing machine, sew along the line of the body. Make sure to leave a small opening on one side to allow for stuffing.

Step 2

Once sewn, trim the excess seam allowance and cut out small wedges around the legs. Be careful not to cut the stitches. This will make it look smoother when turned inside out.


Step 3

Turn the body inside out. It's looking good so far.


17. Stuff and Close the Body

Step 1

Stuff the entire body with the poly fill. Stuff the legs first. Next, stuff the outer edges and then fill in the center. Stuff with small handfuls at a time. This should make it evenly stuffed.


Step 2

To close the body, use a ladder stitch and white thread. Double knot at the end. The ladder stitch is a great stitch to hide the opening since the thread won't be shown. The body is now complete and the monster is almost done!


18. Make the Arms

Step 1

Like the horns, sew the arms and leave an opening at the top for stuffing. Trim the seam allowance.


Step 2

Turn them inside out and lightly stuff. Don't insert too much stuffing, as you want the arms to be floppy once attached to the body.


Step 3

Once stuffed, close the top of the arms with a ladder stitch.


19. Attach the Arms

Step 1

Place the arms below the face. Add a few pins to keep them in place.


Step 2

Using white thread, sew each arm onto the body at the top using a ladder stitch again.


Give Your Yeti a New Home

The softie is finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make a plush Yeti for yourself or someone else. You can change the colors, facial expression, and make a whole collection of different monsters. The possibilities are endless!


Did you like this tutorial? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. And we'd love to see pics of your Yetis!