How to Make a Jewelry Organizer

Shop your cabinet and turn old vases and bowls into this feminine and super-functional storage unit for all of your jewelry.

What You'll Be Creating


  • Glass vases/ glass bowls
  • Plastic container (your vessels need to fit inside)
  • Paint stick
  • Ceramix, plaster or concrete
  • Plastic cups
  • Utility knife or sandpaper

1. Cast the Jewelry Organizer

Step 1.

Prepare the Cera-Mix according to the label directions, then pour the mixture in to the plastic container.

Step 2

Gather a selection of different sized glass vases and bowls. A bud vase is perfect for stacking rings. Arrange the composition of your glass vessels and place them into the Cera-Mix. Allow the concrete in the container to dry and set.

2. Final Touches

Depending on the concrete mix you use, you should be able to release the glass items from the base, which comes in handy when you need to clean these items. 

If you want defined lines between the Cera-Mix and the glass pieces, remove the glass vessels and remove uneven lines with a utility knife or sandpaper.

Organize Your Jewelry

Store and showcase your precious jewelry on your gorgeous new organizer. Stack your rings on a bud vase and your bracelets on a wider base vase. Earrings look great hung on the rim of vases and bowls. You can store necklaces in a glass bowl. 

The vases can also be used as make-up brush holder, so you could also use your organizer as a make up station? If your make-up is neatly organized and displayed in the morning, you'll save time getting ready.  

The best thing about this project is that your storage unit is multi-functional. You can use it to store and display just about anything. Add fresh flowers to the vases and you've got an amazing flower display for your dressing table or dining table. You could place a candle in the glass bowl for the finishing touch. Gorgeous!

Do you have some glass vases or bowls you could use for this project? If you don't have any at home, keep an eye out for cheap vessels at discount stores and charity shops. 

How do you store your jewelry? If you've got a great idea for jewelry storage, leave a link to your blog in the comment section below. I'm looking forward to reading your feedback and ideas!