How to Knit a Bracelet

Knit projects don’t have to be warm winter wear! When combined with some cute hardware, lace and cables can be used to create unique accessories, like this...

What You'll Be Creating

Knit projects don’t have to be warm winter wear! When combined with some cute hardware, lace and cables can be used to create unique accessories, like this bracelet. Not only is this project fast to make, it’s also the perfect opportunity to practice your cabling skills!


  • 1 ball Cascade Lana Grande yarn
  • US 8/5 mm knitting needles or size needed to get 8 stitches and 11 rows over 5cm (2in).
  • JUL Florentine Hinge Closure or similar leather closure
  • Cable needle
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook

1. Knit the Strap

Cast on 8 stitches.


Row 1: Sl1, [k1, p1] 3 times, p1.
Row 2: Sl1, [p1, k1] 3 times, k1.
Row 3: Sl1, [k1, p1] 3 times, p1.
Row 4: Sl1, k7.
Row 5: Sl1, p7.
Row 6: Sl1, k1, yo, k4, yo, k1, k1. 10 stitches.
Row 7: Sl1, p9.
Row 8: Sl1, ssk, yo, sl2 to cable needle and hold in front, k2 from left needle, k2 from cable needle, yo, k2tog, k1.


Row 9: Sl1, p9.
Row 10: Sl1, ssk, yo, k4, yo, k2tog, k1.


Repeat Rows 7-10 four more times.

Row 27: Sl1, p2tog, p3, p2tog, p2. 8 stitches.
Row 28: Sl1, k7.
Row 29: Sl1, [k1, p1] 3 times, p1.
Row 30: Sl1, [p1, k1] 3 times, k1.
Row 31: Sl1, [k1, p1] 3 times, p1.


Bind off.


2. Assemble

Step 1

Weave in the ends using a crochet hook.


Step 2

Block your knit strap.


Step 3

Insert your closure’s pins in between stitches in the seed stitch sections at the beginning and end of the strap. Make sure to not split stitches and damage the yarn.


Tighten the pins to secure them.


Show It Off

Wear your new bracelet all year round and show the world your fabulous knitting skills.


Now that you have the basics down, experiment with different types of hardware for the closure and play with new stitch patterns for the strap! This quick little project is the perfect chance to release your inner designer.

How do you go with this knitting project? Let us know if you'd like to learn how to make more knitted accessories!