How to Get Your Product on the Front Page of Etsy

Ah, the elusive Etsy front page! The place where your products can be showcased to the masses, where you can gain instant exposure and get on the radars of...

Ah, the elusive Etsy front page! The place where your products can be showcased to the masses, where you can gain instant exposure and get on the radars of new customers all around the world in a flash. But how do you get there? This article will provide some handy tips on how you can give yourself the best chance of getting featured on Etsy's front page, from my own personal experience as an Etsy seller. Some of the tips I'm about to share can be applied to other online shopping platforms too. So let's get started!

Getting to Know the Front Page

Etsy's front page is a visual treat, filled with carefully curated selections of pretty things to catch the eye and get your mind in the mood for parting with your pennies. But just how are these items curated?

It's quite simple. The products on Etsy's front page come directly from the Treasuries section of the Etsy site. Treasuries are curated compendiums of products. Etsy users can create Treasuries to promote favourite items that they've come across in their travels of the site.

Etsy admins can also create Treasuries. The more your item fits within the colour, type, quality level, theme (or any number of other things) of the Treasury maker, the more you're in with a chance to be featured. So essentially you're trying to get featured in great Treasuries, and subsequently, those great Treasuries will hopefully be featured on the front page.

Made of Win Banner Brooch via Rare Indeed.

The Winning Shot

I can't stress this enough. Great product photos are an essential element when it comes to the promotion and sale of your work. A great photo can entice a potential customer into clicking through to discover what your shop has to offer and a bad photo can make them skip over you and your products in favour of someone else. It's not hard to create a great photo. Here are my top tips.

Kit's Checklist For Great Product Photos

  • Natural light: shoot your products in a bright sunlit place, preferably when the light is slightly diffused so as not to cause harsh shadows on your product. If you don't have anywhere in your house like this, you can fake it by making your own light box.
  • White backdrops: The majority of products featured on the Etsy front page are shot on clean white or light backgrounds, so this is what I recommend doing for your main shot. You can also include in-situ shots or shots featuring a model wearing your product as an extra compliment to the main one so people know what your product looks like in context.
  • Photo editing software: I edit all my product shots in Photoshop after taking them. Photo editing software helps you give your photos that extra professional boost that can set them apart from the rest. If you don't have Photoshop there are a number of free alternatives online, and a bunch of handy tutorials for editing as well. Gimp and Pic Monkey are great alternatives option to try.
One of my own products, previously featured on the Etsy front page via My Etsy shop

Keywords, Tags and Titles

When making a Treasury I often pick a theme I want to run with, then do an Etsy search to see what new things I can discover that will fit my theme. The better your keywords, tags and descriptive titles are, the more likely your products are to be found by Treasury makers.

Take full advantage of the tagging system when you're listing a new product, make sure you are including keywords that effectively describe your product and take into account spelling that may differ between countries (jewellery/jewelry and colour/color come to mind).

Consider the inclusion of these keywords in your product descriptions and titles as well, the more the merrier! You'll have a greater chance of being found if your listing is filled with quality keywords.

Keywords in use in an item listing via My Etsy Shop

Merchandising Reports and Trends

Etsy's merchandising reports are an extremely useful resource that can sometimes be overlooked in the excitement of setting up shop and producing amazing products. The merchandising reports inform Etsy users about what is trending on the site, what's in seasonally, popular colours of the moment and so much more.

They are very helpful and I highly recommend reading them and using them. I'm not saying you should make things based on what Etsy says is 'cool' right now, but at least you'll have the perfect guide to working out what kinds of products and Treasury themes may be featured next on the front page. You might already make things that fit to the theme!

Check out some merchandising reports here.

Etsy Front Page via Etsy

Teams and Networking

There are lots of great Teams on Etsy that sellers (and buyers!) can join to make contacts, network, get advice, share stories, and promote their work. Some teams are specifically created for the purpose of product promotion through Treasuries. There are so many different teams to choose from, I would definitely recommend finding some that suit and joining them.

For example, I'm a member (and leader) of the Sydney Etsy Team. We hold meet-ups, craft nights, seminars and markets as well as have a really active online presence through our forums. One thing we've done is started making Treasuries featuring only members of our Team, which is great for product promotion.

The more you network with like-minded makers, the more exposure you'll bring to your brand. This can only be a good thing as you're increasing your chances of getting your product featured in Treasuries and then on the front page!

The Sydney Etsy Team page via Etsy

There is no magic formula for getting featured on the Etsy page, however it is possible and there's a good chance it will happen to you if you persevere and make sure you're putting out the best product you can, with the best photos, descriptions and tags that you are capable of.

Above all, if you love what you do and put that passion into your work it will show through and people will see it and love it just as much as you do. Good luck!