How to Create a Crystallized iPhone Case

Accessorizing your iPhone with the perfect glamorized case has become the latest fashion obsession. Today, you will learn how to embellish you own iPhone...

Accessorizing your iPhone with the perfect glamorized case has become the latest fashion obsession. Today, you will learn how to embellish you own iPhone case. It is sure to be your most admired accessory. Let's get started!


  • Crystals. Swarovski flat back crystals, or any crystals you may find at your local craft store. The Swarovski crystals we used are Metallic Blue Sz 16, Crystal Volcano Sz 16, (please note, the Crystal Volcano colour has a magenta and a yellow cast, depending on lighting) and Meridian Blue Sz 16. The Swarovski crystals can get expensive, so using teardrop rhinestones, and fewer crystals can lower your cost. If you choose to use the same amount of crystals as we did, you will need approximately six packets of crystals. We bought two packets for each colour.
  • Cerulean and watermelon-coloured teardrop rhinestones.
  • Industrial-strength glue. Use E6000, if you are able to find it. It is sold at many local craft stores. Make sure you have proper ventilation when using the glue, as the fumes are strong.
  • Tweezers. Any kind of tweezers will work.
  • Solid iPhone Case. You should buy a case that matches the model of your phone. For example, we bought a 4S case for the 4S iPhone. The case should be hard. You do not want anything flimsy as you glue the crystals to your case. You may want to colour-coordinate the case to the colour of embellishments you will be gluing to your phone. This way if any of the phone case shows through the crystals, it will match. We will not be decorating the sides of the phone, so you will want the colour to coordinate as well.

Step 1: Preparation

Choose a variety of crystals, sequins, ribbons, or any other elements you find at your local craft store to embellish your iPhone. Remember that anything you buy should have a flat back, so that your phone is able to lay flat when you put it down. Make sure you have a magazine, or several newspapers to work on, as our materials will get messy.

You will need proper ventilation as the glue we will be using, E6000, is industrial strength and very strong. Make sure you open a window or use a fan. You should have your tweezers and all of your elements to decorate next to you as well.


Step 2: Start Gluing

Take the iPhone case out of the packaging. Make sure you lay it down, so the backside is face up. This is the side you will be embellishing. Your iPhone should be far from your work area, as you don't want to get any glue on your phone.

Open your E6000 industrial-strength glue. If your glue bottle has a nozzle, you can squeeze it directly from the container onto your case. If your glue bottle does not have a nozzle, squeeze a small amount of glue, about the size of a quarter (2.4cm). Use a toothpick to scoop the glue and spread a thin layer on to your first corner of the case. Make sure you don't have too much glue, or it will squeeze through your crystals and look messy.


Step 3: Place the Crystals on the Case

Choose your first element that will form the pattern on your case. You can follow our pattern, or create your own. Use your creativity! Pick up your first crystal or element with the tweezers and place on to the furthest corner of the case. We started with the Metallic Blue crystals.

Step 4: Create Your Pattern

Continue to lay crystals right next to each other until you have a small patch of about nine or ten crystals. Since we started with the top-left corner of the case, we needed to work around the hole in the case, which is meant for the camera of the iPhone. Make sure you don't have crystals or glue extending past the case into the camera area. Keep this area clear, so you are still able to take clear photos.


Step 5: Fit the Crystals Together Tightly

As you place the crystals right under each other, make sure they fit together tightly. The crystal pattern is just like a puzzle. Fit each crystal in between the two crystals right above it, so there is no space in between them.


Step 6: Transition Your Colours

We transitioned our colours by using the Metallic Blue Crystals followed by the Meridian Blue crystals. This way the colours flow evenly, and there is a nice transition between them. You can choose your colour scheme and the transition can be any way you want it. We wanted an even flow between the colours, so we combined the blues which are similar, and then transitioned into the Magenta Volcano crystals.


Step 7: Add the Second Teardrop Rhinestone

As we finished our patch of about 55 crystals, we added our second teardrop rhinestone. Please note, as we add the teardrop rhinestones, we are placing them on an angle, and alternating the angles of the teardrops as we add new rhinestones. This adds interest to the pattern, so it does not look uniform.

We do not want every teardrop in the same direction. Make sure you space the teardrops a similar distance apart, throughout your case. They should not be too close together, or too spread out. Glue the teardrop in the exact way you added the crystals. Since these stones are larger, feel free to pick them up with your fingers, if you cannot do so with the tweezers.


Step 8: Fit Your Crystals Together Like a Puzzle

Once you've added the teardrop, you can begin adding the crystals around the teardrop, placing them as close as possible to the teardrop. Create a patch of the Magenta crystals, which are approximately two rows, working your way around the teardrop.

Remember that you should always be working your way down from one direction on the case. If you skip a spot, and begin adding crystals to another section before finishing your current section, then your crystals may not fit together, and the case will show through. Remember, we want the crystals to fit together like a puzzle.


Step 9: Add the Magenta Volcano Crystals

Since we want our colours to flow from one to the next, start adding the Magenta Volcano crystals next. Add them in the same way you added the others. Create a patch of approximately nine Magenta Volcano crystals.


Step 10: Add the Watermelon Teardrop Rhinestones

Next, add the Watermelon teardrop rhinestone, directly underneath the Magenta Volcano crystals. Notice how the colours flow from the Magenta crystals to the Watermelon teardrop crystals. Carefully place additional Magenta crystals around the teardrop.

We are choosing to use less Magenta crystals on this case, and more of the Metallic Blue and Meridian Blue crystals. We want the case to be darker, with splashes of Magenta colours as an accent. You can choose to use an even amount of all colours, or you can use more of your favorite colour. The best part of creating your own case is that you can tailor it to your personal style!


Step 11: Repeat the Pattern

Using the same process as above, continue to repeat this pattern, working your way down the iPhone case. The patches of crystals will curl around the rhinestone teardrops. If you make an error, don't stress. There is no exact way to create the pattern. You can improvise.

We chose not to add crystals to the sides of the iPhone, as it makes the case uncomfortable to hold. It is much lighter and easier to grasp if you keep the sides clean. Once you have completed the iPhone case, give it approximately an hour to dry, before placing it on top of your iPhone.


Your glamorized case is now complete! The best part is that you can create many cases for each season, outfit or make them as gifts. Stripes, polka dots or even animal prints -  there are so many options to create your stylized iPhone case! We love ours so much we created another one with golden chains, denim and jet black crystals, and golden nail heads. Check our rock star cases below!