Five Quick And Easy Gorgeous Garlands

Need some decorating ideas in a flash? Hanging gorgeous garlands can totally transform a room with festive party cheer. Here are five super simple garland...

Need some decorating ideas in a flash? Hanging gorgeous garlands can totally transform a room with festive party cheer. Here are five super simple garland ideas that will take no time at all to whip up, ready in an instant for your next party. Make long lengths of your favourite kind, or mix and match for an eclectic look. Here's how!



1. Floral Fiesta

Be inspired by nature with this beautiful garland made from imitation flowers.

Gently pull the leaves and flower parts off a bunch of faux flowers, making sure to keep the leaves and flowers together.

Thread a large-eyed darning needle onto a string of raffia. Carefully thread the flowers onto the raffia through the holes in the flowers and leaves. The flowers should sit securely along the raffia.


2. Festive Fans

These tiny fans are a cute, colourful way to decorate a room. You can match the colours of the fans to your party theme.

Cut strips of crepe paper (we used orange, yellow, and metallic pink) approximately 6cm wide and 20cm long. Make small concertina folds all the way along each strip.

When the strip is completely folded, staple one end, approximately 1cm from the edge, then punch a hole above the staple.

Thread each fan onto coloured string, tying each one in place onto the string. Gently prise the concertina folds apart to make a fan shape.


3. Paper Spheres

Create the illusion of a sphere using two simple circle shapes.

Use a circle cutter (or trace around something circular) to cut a bunch of circles from brown card stock.

Fold each circle in half. Staple two circles together along the fold line.

Make two staple punches for each one, then prise each flap of the "sphere" apart to form a rounded shape.

Use a darning needle to thread the spheres onto a long piece of string. Thread through the gap in the middle of each set of staples.


4. Rainbow Ribbons

This garland can be made with thin strips of coloured paper, or with colourful ribbon, it's up to you!

Cut a selection of paper (or ribbon) strips, approximately 2.5cm wide and 15cm long.

Fold each strip in the middle, at an angle, so that the edges splay out.

Use double-sided tape on the inside of the fold to affix the strips onto a long piece of string. The string should sit along the inside fold of each strip.


5. Party Poms

Who doesn't love a pom-pom? These beauties are multi-coloured and will look so festive hung around a room.

Use a pom-pom maker (you'll find them in craft stores) to create a selection of pom-poms in varying sizes. We made ours two-coloured, but you can make them any colour you like.

Once you've made all of your pom-poms, use a darning needle to thread them onto a coloured piece of wool or string.


Hang Your Garlands

In this tutorial, you learned how to make five different garlands to decorate a room. They're a fun and easy way to inject a splash of colour to your decor, and it's also a great way to use up any scraps of coloured paper or leftover yarn in your craft kit.

You could also use these skills to make mini garlands to decorate packages and presents.

Have you ever made your own party garlands? Share your decorating ideas in the comments below.