Create Beautiful Bridal Earrings for Your Wedding Day

Searching for your bridal jewellery? Overwhelmed by all the options? Why not create your own bridal earrings? You'll add a touch of handmade to your bridal...

Searching for your bridal jewellery? Overwhelmed by all the options? Why not create your own bridal earrings? You'll add a touch of handmade to your bridal ensemble, and it will be a beautiful piece to hand down to future generations. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a gorgeous pair of chandelier-drop earrings, to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day look.


Step 1: Create the First Beaded Headpin

Take one headpin, and slide the largest crystal drop bead over the top, down to the base.

Step 2: Add the Gold and Crystal Bead

Take the gold and crystal round bead, and slide it over the headpin. This will be your second bead. It will rest on top of the teardrop bead.

Step 3: Add the Crystal Bicone Beads

Next, slide the small crystal bicone beads over the headpin. You will be adding four of the bicones, which gives length to our first headpin. You will eventually make three headpins. This one will be placed in the center, and it will be the longest in length.

Step 4: Create the Second Beaded Headpin

Slide the crystal teardrop bead to the bottom of the headpin. This teardrop bead should be smaller than the teardrop we used for the first headpin sequence.

Step 5: Add the Silver Crystal Glass Bead

Slide the silver crystal glass bead all the way down the headpin. It should rest on your teardrop bead.

Step 6: Slide on the Crystal Bicone Beads

Add three of the small bicone beads. They will sit on top of the silver bead. Now you have finished your second headpin sequence.

Step 7: Make the Third Headpin Sequence

Now we will make the third headpin sequence in the same as we created the second headpin. Slide on the crystal teardrop bead, which should be the same size as the one we used in the second headpin sequence.

Step 8: Add the Silver Glass Bead

Slide the silver glass bead on to the headpin, so it rests upon the teardrop bead.

Step 9: Slide on the Crystal Bicone Beads

As demonstrated in the previous steps, add the three small bicone beads to rest on top of the silver bead. You have now completed the third headpin sequence.

Step 10: Cut and Loop the First Headpin

Take your wire cutters and snip the end of the first headpin, as pictured below. Remember to leave some space, as you will need to make a loop out of the wire, and you do not want it too short. Make sure that your first headpin is your longest in length. The other two will need to be cut slightly shorter. (We don't give you a length because you should cut the wire to the length that you're comfortable wearing.)

Once the headpin is cut, place your pliers tightly around the end of the headpin. Turn the wire over, with the pliers in order to create a loop. Make sure the loop closes entirely. There should not be any space between the wire loop.

Step 11: Cut the Second and Third Headpins

Cut the second and third pins as demonstrated in the previous step. These headpins should be the same length, but they should also be slightly shorter than the first headpin. We want the first headpin to remain as the central - and longest - part of our earring.

Step 12: Loop the Wire of the Second Headpin

Once your headpins are cut, loop the wire once again, as demonstrated above. Take the pliers and squeeze firmly around the end of the head pin. Turn the pliers into a loop, and make sure the loop is tightly closed.

Step 13: Loop the Third Headpin

Loop the wire of the third headpin as demonstrated in previous steps. All three headpins should now have the loops. Set them down to make sure the length looks right. The first headpin should be in the centre, as it's the longest. The second and third headpin should be on either side.

Step 14: Add the Jump Ring

Hold the ends of the jump ring with both sets of pliers. Twist the pliers away from each other in opposite directions to open the jump ring.

Step 15: Add the Headpins

With the jump rings open, add the headpins. Add a short headpin, then the centre longest headpin, and then the last short headpin. Slide the loop of each headpin over the jump ring and they will all fit together.

Step 16: Place the Fishhook

Now slide the fishhook over the jump ring. There is a small hole in the base of the fishhook, which should fit perfectly over the ring.

Step 17: Close the Jump Ring

Place both sets of pliers on opposite ends of the jump rings. Now twist the pliers towards each other and this will close the jump ring. Make sure the ring is perfectly closed. You don't want the headpins to slide out.

Step 18: Slide On the Plastic Earring Back

The earring back is a tiny plastic piece that slides onto the fishhook and secures the earring to your ear. Take this small plastic piece and slide it up to the centre of the fishhook. It has a hole so it should be simple to do. Now your first earring is complete!

Step 19: Make Your Second Earring

Follow all of the above steps carefully to create your second earring.

Your beautiful bridal earrings are finished and ready to wear! Enjoy! Tell us how you went in the comments section below.