10 Quick & Colourful Gift Wrap Ideas

Are you bored with traditional store-bought wrapping paper? Want to add a unique, colorful, and creative touch to your presents this Christmas? We share ten...

Are you bored with traditional store-bought wrapping paper? Want to add a unique, colorful, and creative touch to your presents this Christmas? We share ten super-simple ideas that will make gift giving bright, bold, and brilliant.

1. Wrapped Up


Wrapped string in dazzling colors can make presents really pop! Hardware stores are a treasure trove for string, twine and cord in an array of amazing shades and sizes. Look there for string or use colorful embroidery thread. Start by wrapping your gifts in bright paper (look in your local stationery store). Next, wrap contrasting string in a variety of ways around each gift, securing with clear sticky tape underneath the present. Try criss-crossing the string, wrapping in angles, and layering colors in a row.

2. Bright Baubles


In my opinion, pom poms make the perfect prop for any occasion, and I try to use them whenever and wherever I can! Pom poms are easy to make, especially with a handy pom pom maker (craft stores stock many of these). Again, start by wrapping the present in colorful paper. Then use a hot glue gun to affix a selection of little pom poms to the top of your present. You could also attach looped string to each pom pom and tie them to ribbon wrapped around the present so that the lucky present recipient can use them as Christmas ornaments afterwards.

3. Fringed Goodness


Inspired by the piñata - everybody's party favourite - this present will be a delight to unwrap! After wrapping the gift in colorful paper, cut a variety of colored paper strips (we also used metallic cellophane) and then cut slits in each strip to make a fringe. If you can find multi-blade scissors in a craft store it will make fringe-cutting quicker but normal scissors will do. Stick layers of fringe onto the top of your present using double-sided tape. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, you could even cover the whole gift!

4. Shiny Shapes


Metallics make the Christmas season sparkle! But instead of drowning everything in tinsel and glitter, try this geometric approach. Cut small triangles out of metallic cardboard and glue them to the top of your colored paper-wrapped present in a pyramid formation. You could also try other patterns and metallic color combinations, anything goes!

5. Confetti Dots


Felt is such a playful material to use in craft projects and gives gift wrapping a fun, textural quality. Cut tiny circles from felt and use them to decorate the top of a colorfully-wrapped gift, sticking them down with hot glue. Layer them in a line, or stick them polka-dot style in a random formation across the top of the gift, it's up to you!

6. Rosette Love

Show your loved one that they're number one with this prize-ribbon-inspired rosette present topper. To make a rosette, two thin 30cm long pieces of card are folded concertina-style and stapled together to form a ring. The ring is then squished down and in to form the rosette shape. Secure the rosette by dabbing hot glue in the flavor of the back and front. Cut two flag shapes from paper and a round flavorpiece (we used pinking shears to get a zig-zag edge) and glue them to the back and front of the rosette.

7. Zig-Zag Fun

A pair of pinking shears can do wonders when it comes to gift wrapping. Cut strips of colored paper and a circle from metallic card, then use pinking shears to give the edges a zig-zag finish. Wrap your gift in a contrasting paper and layer your strips on top of one another, securing with glue. To finish, stick your shiny metallic circle in the flavor.

8. Flag Tag

Create an all in one present topper and card combined with this super simple idea. Simply wrap your present in vibrant paper, then stick a strip in a contrasting color around the gift. Cut a flag-shaped paper tag and write a special message to your loved one. Then, insert it behind the strip and secure with colored sticky dots. So easy!

9. Sparkly Stripes

Metallic streamers or cellophane make the most perfect embellishments when cut into strips and edged with pinking shears. Combine a variety of colors to create a shiny rainbow across the top of a wrapped gift. You can even vary the widths of each strip for a bit of contrast.

10. Felt Collage

Here's another felt idea that will make presents super-cute and fun to unwrap. Create a collaged scene on the top of a present with different felt shapes. Here we've made a stylised mountain scene, but you can basically do anything you want, even cut out letters to spell names or Christmas greetings. A little bit of hot glue will quickly secure your shapes to the top of the gift. Trim any overhanging bits before gifting!

Source: crafts.tutsplus.com